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Welcome to my little info page about how you can continue learning more about photography with me!

I have been in business since 2003 and my career has ebbed and flowed with me through moving to 3 different states in 5 years. I once focused solely on wedding photography and after having kids I changed to learning the craft of family and children photography. I do a little bit of it all right now, but try to stay with 2-3 photo events per week so that my focus can remain on growing my babies up into responsible, loving men.

A little bit about my teaching history…

My first “student” was an English teacher from my high school.  She was fascinated with photography and I had just been learning for the past two years when she approached me about helping her teach the first photojournalism class at our school the following year. I was so excited and we began meeting over study hall to discuss aperture, shutter, lighting, lenses and subjects. It brought me to life to share everything I had learned with her and even helped me learn just by teaching it!

The month before I graduated high school I opened up “Lauren Lee Photography” in Lubbock, Texas hoping to do enough work to pay off my $2000 loan for the Canon 10D and fancy lens that I purchased. What I thought would be a very small side job turned into a huge success within 3 years. I was traveling the nation learning at “famous” photographer’s workshops and shooting weddings everywhere from Oregon to New Hampshire. My blog was my best way to reach people across the world with my photography posts and my very personal blog posts about my life that I would submit almost daily. Three years into my career I was asked to co-teach a women’s only photography seminar with 3 other photographers that I had met at workshops. Millie Holloman (she now owns several booming businesses and still does photography in North Carolina), Davina Fear (who has a family-ness blog and inspires mother’s everywhere to be more present with their kids, and she is still shooting documentary style photos for families) and Kelly Moore Clark (of the ultra famous Kelly Moore Bag). We met and planned the most lavish women’s photography seminar experience possible. There had never been anything else like it before! It was a luxury experience jammed packed with every bit of knowledge that we had learned in our collective 20 years of shooting. We held 5 different workshops with 60 women in 4 different states. It was mind blowing and incredible! I will never forget those days and consider them to be the pinnacle of my career in photography.

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After the first Love Affair Workshop all of the girls were creating photography learning products and I had nothing to contribute! I began to brain storm with them and then it hit me that no one had ever sold a DVD tutorial on how to do photoshop from start to finish. So I sat on the idea for months and started secretly planning how I could make this a success. When I released “UNO”, the 1 hour photoshop tutorial, I had no idea that it would sell over 750 copies in the first 18 months!

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I also started having inquiries about one on one seminars for people who wanted specific advice to their photography business and began teaching those at my house in Lubbock, Texas. The “Brainwash” seminar was so fun and I have had more than 30 people book these one on one mentoring days with me over the years.

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This leads me to my newest learning tool for photographers, The Family Session Guide! It is a 40+ page PDF of tips and tricks, my mental shot list at family sessions, my gear bag contents, troubleshooting and inspiration photos. It is beautifully designed and full of everything I could think of to get children to warm up to you, families to look natural while interacting and direction to give to families for poses.

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BUY the Family Session Guide HERE


To book a one on one mentoring day you can email me at and we can schedule one in Lubbock, Texas.



To book a Skype mentor session, you can email me at to schedule one!


  • Hello I’m originally from Oklahoma but married a cotton farmer and now live in Levelland tx! I love your work! Saw your awesome announcement! Would more info on your mentoring! Thanks so much!

  • Kim Lott

    i take tons of pics for friends-and have for years-it’s hard for me to say no-i just feel like a REALLY know what i’m doing-i would love to book a one on one Brainwash seminar-i live in lubbock
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