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A few weeks ago I signed myself up to become a Noonday Collection ambassador. I get asked to join MLM businesses almost weekly and finally found one that compelled me to get behind their “why”. I wanted to share more of my story and how it led me to join this amazing company!

When I was five years old I remember my parents taking us on vacation to San Diego, California to visit my Nana and go to the beach. On this trip I vividly remember boarding a little tram and crossing the border into Mexico and walking through all of the street shops and trying on sombreros with my older brother. We posed for pictures, grabbed a bite to eat and then walked back to the tram station. Along the concrete walkway I saw a girl my age and her grandmother sitting on the sidewalk with busted styrofoam cups held out towards the tourists. We walked past them and I kept looking back wondering what they were doing with empty cups. I was holding my dad’s hand and asked him what that little girl was doing. I remember that when he told me they were begging for money and probably didn’t have anything I had this sense of urgency and responsibility come over me. I remember asking my parents for money incessantly until they gave me a handful of quarters. I ran back to the little girl and her grandmother and dumped the quarters in her cup, gosh I’m starting to tear up just thinking about it! She smiled the biggest smile and I felt this overwhelming sense of love and joy welling up in my heart! I remember skipping back to my mom and dad knowing that I had helped someone and realizing that seeing poverty firsthand had made a huge impression on me at five years old.

Generosity has always been in my family’s DNA, I remember my parents always giving money, possessions, food and friendship away to people in need all throughout my life. We were never wealthy growing up and I can still remember in high school a time overhearing my parents talk about how we were $700 short on bills for the month and hearing them stop their anxiety and fretting and pray and ask God to provide for them. The tables had turned and we were now the people in need. A few days later someone anonymously dropped off a frozen Thanksgiving turkey on our doorstep and inside of it was a ziplock bag with $700 cash in it. That is one of the most impactful stories from my high school life of generosity when no one was looking. I began to notice people all around me help each other and give generously just in the nick of time over and over again. My favorite Bible verse growing up was Matthew 6:33- “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.” The things mentioned in the previous verses were your everyday needs. I knew that I wanted to live this same lifestyle of generous giving and see how God was trustworthy to take care of my finances.

Fast forward to three weeks ago…I came across a jewelry company that buys fair trade, handmade jewelry from artisans in vulnerable countries. Buying their products gives them dignified jobs ensuring that their children are not orphaned or abandoned because of poverty.

It’s called Noonday Collection. After hearing the name several times and then finding a little bit more information on their purpose and how it is all set up I decided to randomly sign myself up to become an ambassador.

No one Facebook messaged me with their big sell, no one even asked me to be a part of the company, that’s the funny part to me! So now I am repping and selling their jewelry and accessories because I believe in this company’s mission where we use our purchasing power to change the lives of others in a generous way. If people are buying cute earrings anyway, then why not buy them from a company that generously gives and supports the well being of at risk families around the world?

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show (Noonday’s in-home party) or joining my team then please contact me! 100% of the commission that I earn from the first 4 trunk shows will go to different non-profits that I believe in! Buy jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but holds a deeper meaning and is connected to the stories of women from around the world!

“if you pour yourself out for the hungry
    and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then shall your light rise in the darkness
    and your gloom be as the noonday.”

-Isaiah 58:10


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