2017 Wedding Giveaway!



Hi! Thank you for taking the time to submit your wedding for the wedding giveaway! The deadline for submissions will be April 7th and I will have a winner announced by April 15th!


I have been a wedding photographer for just about 14 years now! My husband and I traveled across America for the first 6 years photographing up to 44 weddings per year… it was a dream job and we got to experience and learn so many things during that time. We then moved out of state trying to escape the dirt storms and drought and became parents to three beautiful boys. We came back to Lubbock two years ago to be closer to family (and finally appreciate Lubbock even with the haboobs!) and I am now ready to get back into shooting more weddings and pouring all of my experience and creativity into it!


“We cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to make every bridal photo and every wedding photo fun, memorable and perfect! And thank you for always doing it with a smile!!”- Cherise


To browse some of my wedding work, please go to my website galleries HERE!


“I loved that she really directed us because we had no idea what we were doing!”- Lindsey


Here’s what’s the winner will receive as a gift (over a $5000 value!):

  • 8 hours of wedding coverage
  • 2 shooters
  • 800+ wedding digital downloads to print on your own
  • Bridal AND Engagement sessions with digital downloads and a 16×20 print
  • 40 page 10×10 wedding album


“Stunning work! Like a fine wine… You get better with age! WOW!”- Brandi


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How did he propose?
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How many people are you planning on inviting?
How many bridesmaids/groomsmen will you have?
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What is your budget for wedding photography?
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