I want to write again

I wanted to start writing again.

My blog used to be a place where I would write my heart out and tell stories of things that I was learning step by step. Having kids took away a lot of the free time that I used to use to write, but have been felt called back to sharing what is going on inside my world again.

I am sorely out of practice with writing and I’m sure this will be filled with grammatical errors, fragmented sentences and wrong comma placements, but just bare with me as I begin this journey of writing again.

I have SO many topics that I want to write about!

When I was a senior in High School I told my home room teacher that I wanted to be the “wisest woman in the world”. She looked at me with big eyes filled with cautious knowing and said, “Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it. Wisdom comes through lots of hardship and pain.” I naively and pridefully thought “No big deal, I can handle anything! I’m not scared of hardship,  I’ve had plenty of it already!”

Little did I know how right she was. I have been through more experiences in the last 12 years than I ever thought could be possible in that short amount of time. It’s almost like someone’s normal life would have been put on fast forward and all of those scenarios would happen in one decade in my life. Wealth, poverty, crisis of faith, rebirth, success, failure, betrayal, love, divorce, pride, humility, loneliness, fame, depression, freedom, and even miracles.

I am now 31 years old and am realizing that life is filled with triumph and failure and not to let the failure break you, but propel you into your destiny. Before I moved away to Oklahoma when I was 25, my faith in God was more outward in rule following and acts of self righteousness and my heart was easily shaken. Now it is something that can never be taken away from me. I have seen God deliver me from impossible situations and have experienced His love in tangible ways, these are the things that I want to write about.

I’m not sure which topic I will begin with, but I may just start in the beginning when I started this photography journey! I hope to write it within the week.


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