Wildflowers Workshop in Austin

I just got back from a weekend trip to Austin for Joy Prouty’s family photography workshop. I left Lubbock excited to learn technical information about her camera settings, but came home realizing that there was a lot of work that needed to be done in my heart to fully engage the people around me in a sincere way. She is the most gentle, inspirational, humble person I’ve encountered in a long, long time. Her words threw bombs over walls that I didn’t even know I had and I found that I was in tears several times because of the love and humility that she pours out through her life. She sent us home with a list of books to inspire and lift us up about our worth, vulnerability and reaching into your soul to find who you truly are and create the most beautiful art from that place. It was so unexpected and refreshing.

I am wide eyed and hopeful about the work ahead and how it will propel me into another level of art and creativity through the deep understanding of gentleness and who I truly am at the core. I thought I knew, but her kindness and honesty disarmed me and made me realize that I can be so much greater in every way. Thank you for that Joy. 2016-03-07_00012016-03-07_00022016-03-07_00032016-03-07_00042016-03-07_00052016-03-07_00062016-03-07_00072016-03-07_00082016-03-07_00092016-03-07_00102016-03-07_00112016-03-07_00122016-03-07_00132016-03-07_00142016-03-07_00152016-03-07_00162016-03-07_00172016-03-07_00182016-03-07_00192016-03-07_00202016-03-07_00212016-03-07_00222016-03-07_00232016-03-07_00242016-03-07_00252016-03-07_00262016-03-07_00272016-03-07_00282016-03-07_00292016-03-07_00302016-03-07_00312016-03-07_00322016-03-07_00332016-03-07_00342016-03-07_00352016-03-07_0036


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