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Raising three boys feels like your life being taken over by the Nile at flood stage. There is nothing you can do to stop the takeover and the constant abundance of life, danger and sheer force of creation. You have to give up the illusion of control and perfection that you once thrived in and let the emotional battle of deciphering what really matters in life govern your innermost parts.

My life is equal parts of great fulfillment, rescuing from near disaster, and learning to love each boy in their uniqueness. It is this tireless giving of your life without many days off: praying for wisdom, reading parenting books, washing, cooking, holding, creating, adventuring and of course doing laundry.

My house is seldom put together, but almost always full of love and acceptance. My heart is by necessity directed towards God and how He is a good Father to me and I rely fully on my faith to overcome every struggle in life. Without this realization my core would teeter around and never be at peace, but I find all of my strength in my belief that He is good and that we were created to know Him and love others like He first loved us. This is my rock and has been tested deeply and found to be the absolute true thing in life to anchor to, especially as a parent.

I am either halfway put together with my inexpensive wardrobe and freshly blow dried hair, or wearing who knows what with a face of yesterday’s makeup. Life with boys is turbulent and beautiful, wild and thrilling.

One day I will ache to have these days of “I yuv you mom” and rescuing Silas from inherent danger back.

Running a part time photography business and being a full time stay at home mom to three boys is my dream come true in all of the hardest and most beautiful ways.

Thank you to everyone who supports my family with both your friendship and hiring me to photograph your families. My boys directly benefit from you and I am humbled by your desire to pay me your hard earned money to live my life to the fullest and pour my life into these three children, my future warriors of love and adventure!



  • Beth Bird

    I ❤️ these photos and your comments. Enjoy as best you can each and every day. They grow up when you blink and the challenges grow with them. They eventually become “real” adults soon enough and don’t require that hawkish supervision. It is both a wonderful and wistful time. Prayers for your continued happiness!ReplyCancel

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