Destinee and Zack, Fayetteville Couple Photographer

Yesterday was a really long and wonderful day. I woke up, Josh dropped me off at Enterprise to get a rental car, I drove 4 hours south and then taught a 5 1/2 hour group seminar to 8 wonderful girls in Fayetteville! Tonight I am back at home and have enjoyed looking through the session I photographed at the seminar. Destinee and Zack were such good sports as we ran across the busy streets of downtown Fayetteville and jaywalked at least 8 times, maybe more. You could tell how much fun they have together and how much they adore each other. Here are my favorites from the session. It really made me look forward to shooting more couples this year!

If you are interested in hosting one of my mini group seminars in your area, then please contact me! I just need a place to meet and for you to find 5 other photographers who are willing to sign up and we will get it scheduled!



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