Motion Energy

This last weekend I got to fly to Lubbock with Silas for a two night stay to photograph Motion Energy, 2 family sessions and teach a group seminar! It was packed to the brim with work, but seeing my family always brings new life to me. Tanner picked me up from my mom’s house right when we arrived from the airport and we made an hour and a half trek down toward Big Spring, Texas where the oil boom is happening. He works for Motion Energy and from what he was telling me about what they do, they work on the maintenance and plumbing problems that come with the oil¬†production. The hot oil truck super-heats the oil/water/liquid and then shoots it back into the oil derrick to unclog the pipes. This is the “bomb” on wheels, the “little boy”. Then it goes foggy on what the other one is called that pumps off liquid from holding tanks and takes it to a salt water disposal. The last one is foggy too (the bomb on wheels held my full attention apparently) and this one comes with all of the tools, cranes and guys to fix pipes and check things! It was all very interesting and reminded me of how beautiful the blue skies in Texas are!!


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