I wanted to show off two of my favorite products that I sell to my clients! The session album is a 10×10 30 page album designed with 1-4 photos per spread with a classic white background. It is beautifully printed on thick textured paper and mounted onto sturdy board so that the pages won’t easily bend. It is not a coffee table book, it is more like a flush mount wedding album would be, but press printed onto watercolor paper instead of photo paper. It gives it a unique and luxurious feel!

You choose your favorite 40-50 images for the album and once I design it then you can approve it and make changes before I have it printed at my professional lab. This is my favorite way to display all of the photos from your session!

Session album: $525

This album is also included in the Dreamboat Session Package.


The Brag Mag is my other favorite way to show off your session! It is created the same way, with 40-50 of your favorite images from your session and then created with a classic white background. There isn’t a set limit to the number of pages for this, I just build it until I think it is complete. The minimum number of pages is 20. These are 8×8 magazines that are just the coolest. thing. ever. You get up to 5 copies at no additional cost when you order it!

Brag Mag: $150


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This weekend we had our family photos taken by the super talented Allison French at my favorite place, Alldredge Orchards. It was funny and stressful and always such a good reminder of what my clients go through as they prepare for a session. The outfit plan changed several times and ended with a last minute win when I changed Silas into something more colorful and fun. I went and had my makeup done at the MAC counter at Dillards, something I hadn’t done since before the kids were born. Right as we were walking out of the house to meet Allison, Silas fell down the cement stairs and bloodied his nose and grew a giant bruise on his forehead. We just went with it. I knew that I could photoshop out the injuries and that we WERE NOT rescheduling this session!

This was also a good way to tell the blog world that I’m expecting our third baby on March 25th. I’m 12 weeks pregnant today and still haven’t seen a midwife! Poor third child, getting the run around. I am planning another home birth, yes I’m too practical to pay extra for the epidural out of pocket again, and am hoping for a girl this time. I have been very tired, but thankfully hardly any morning sickness. I was terribly sick with Solomon and much less sick with Silas. I’m excited to think of a new name for the baby. I can’t decide if we are going with another S name, an uncommon Bible name or something totally different. I need to see a sonogram first to even know if I am having twins! This waistline of mine has really popped out fast and made me question if I’m going to have twins!

Having family photos done is such a wonderful luxury. I know that not everyone can afford to do them, but if you can, you won’t regret it! I am so happy to have these photos of my babies knowing how fast they are growing and changing.


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