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Anna and her mom, Lori, were driving through to Wisconsin from their Colorado vacation and she stopped in for a few hours for a mini seminar to learn how I shoot and edit my photos. We went and photographed Anna in Parkville before coming home and working on the photos in Lightroom. Here are my favorites!2014-07-27_00252014-07-27_00262014-07-27_00272014-07-27_00282014-07-27_00292014-07-27_0030


July shenanigans

July is probably the most eventful month in Missouri for us because it is always hot enough to play in the water and there are tons of fun adventures and festivals to go to! This is our second year to attend the Wyandotte County Fair and Solomon just loves it! I think I love it as much as he does, so it’s a win-win. I tried to use Solomon to ask Josh to buy a $5 bunny there, it didn’t work out in our favor… maybe next year…



The Roberts Family

The Roberts family is very dear to my heart. I photograph them all the time because they are the reason we moved to Missouri! Josh and Billy have been best friends since the 8th grade and our kids are only 3 months younger than their’s! They have the most amazing place out in rural Missouri and we always photograph on their incredible hill, but found a really neat red barn just down the road too. Here are my favorites from this year’s family session!2014-07-27_00012014-07-27_00022014-07-27_00032014-07-27_00042014-07-27_00052014-07-27_00062014-07-27_00072014-07-27_00082014-07-27_00092014-07-27_00102014-07-27_00112014-07-27_00122014-07-27_00132014-07-27_00142014-07-27_0015


The Fear Family

Yesterday one of my dearest friends came through Kansas City and photographed my family photos in a super casual setting, at our home! Davina and I have known each other almost from the beginning of my photography career when we shared a room at my first photography workshop in NYC where we learned from the super famous Jessica Claire. We partnered up with two other photographers to start a women’s only photography seminar experience called “Love Affair Workshop”. We traveled America together teaching people, planning and making some of the best memories of my life, and I can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in 3 1/2 years! I wanted to take a few photos of her family to remember their road trip across America and we used her mini van as the background… there is a first for everything! The session only lasted 10 minutes before the rain started pouring down and they had to head to Salina, Ks for their next stop, but I was excited to get a few good ones!



Teri Hales - What you can do with 10 minutes always amazes me! Love that you two got together again, even if briefly!