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The Welch Family

Misti and her adorable family met me at Mackenzie Park in Lubbock for their family session. They brought their young silver lab for a few photos, which added some fun excitement for me to practice my barking skills! That’s my magic secret for all of my dog photos… I bark… like a dog. Really.

Her two kids are so close in age that they are best friends and you could tell how much fun they have together! Here are my favorites of their stormy night session!



Minefee gals

These two little darlings and their mom and grandma met me at Atl’do Farms in Shallowater, Texas (thank you Patti!) for their photoshoot. It was hotter than heck, but we played, chased, climbed and had a tea party without missing a beat! I was dying over their adorable outfits that were totally Texas-country boutique style! If I ever have a little girl, I’m going to dress her just. like. this.



Life update

It has been forever since I’ve made a personal post, like, almost a year.

I like to blame it on my lack of brain power (and grammar skills) from growing/nursing kids for the last four years without staying on a supplement regime, but in reality, I’ve just disconnected.

I think that I’ve felt like a bit of a failure and I know that I’ve written about this before, but there is nothing like feeling the ego of being “top dog” in your area and then tumbling below into a significant depression. The voices that you listen to in those times are daunting and will most definitely morph you into someone totally different.

This move to Kansas City has been another doozie. We moved farther away from family and people that I know and have had the third fresh start in 4 years. I’ve had two kids and have started a business in a new town three times. It’s been exhausting and I think I’ve lost touch with who I once was and have had to put a lot of my reserve strength into rediscovering who I am now. Being a first time mom in the midst of all of this has been dizzying. I am a person that thrives in chaos, and have always thought that change would never worry me or get me off of my game, but I have been put to the ultimate challenge since moving from Lubbock four years ago.

My parents brought me up with a “never give up once you sign up” mentality and although I did frequently give up on hobbies and new things that I was interested in I haven’t ever considered myself someone who would give up on things that I thought were important easily. That foundation as a child was put to the test this year when I wanted to completely throw in the towel on photography… again.

When I was in Lubbock it seemed like the fame and glory of my photography business just happened without any significant education on what I was doing right as a business person. I just did what I loved, was borderline narcissistic with my blogging and my image and things just naturally happened. When I moved twice in Oklahoma and I did the same thing and it failed I was at a loss. I felt like my personal worth was tied so heavily into my career that I was no longer of any value too. I began to run from my responsibilities as a business owner and hide under the entitlement that it was all up to my husband to provide. With a large amount of student debt coming in after Josh graduated college, I had to either act, or move home. It was a humbling place to be and I didn’t have the confidence in myself or my craft to re-launch. God had a different plan though. In our weakness, He shows up. He set people in my path that really rallied around me and cheered me on to re-invent and pursue what I loved. They told me that I was, in fact, valuable and great at my craft and to go for it. They called me up out of the pit that I’d been stuck in for a few years.

It was such a breath of fresh air to have these people speaking into my life, because I had been living in almost absolute isolation from any deep friendships for over a year. I’m a people person. I THRIVE when I’m around large groups of people daily, so living in a small town without many friends and having a 1 year old at home by myself all day was almost earth shattering to me. Now you see why I closed myself off from the real world on my blog for so long? I felt like I had nothing positive and exciting to share and didn’t want to bring others down into the depths of the life that was now a fallen star instead of a rising star.

This week I was reminded that it’s all part of my story. The beauty that comes from the ashes redeems it all.

My story is important because it shapes who I am and who I will become. Better, stronger, more determined. I’m more empathetic towards people, more assertive to those who are feeling lost in life and am genuinely softer. God really used all of these experiences to knock off some of my jagged edges that would keep me from deeper relationships with people.

I’m still figuring it all out, and figuring out what my purpose is and what I truly love in life, but I’m starting to come up out of the wilderness a changed person. Different, and most definitely better.



Chelsea - Lauren, one of my very favorite things about your blog has been these very real, very honest posts that pop up every so often. I know I’ve felt the same pull of loneliness and I’ve been on the verge of throwing in the photography towel as well. I have so much respect for you as an artist and it’s incredibly encouraging to hear that you’re sticking with your craft. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Janet Powell - Hey Lauren! I have followed you for YEARS now . . . I have always LOVED your work as well as who you are as a person. I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. In a strange way, it encourages me! I hope that makes sense! Your images continue to be fresh and lovely and inspiring. After following LOTS and LOTS of photographers (and getting downright depressed on many occasions), I selected only you to follow because you continue to inspire me and challenge me as I look over your work. Thanks for sharing your heart. God has given you an amazing gift whether the whole world recognizes it or just some small town clientele. :-)

With TONS of Gratitude,
Janet Powell
Silly Goose Photography

Photo seminar announced!

I will be making a quick weekend trip to Lubbock, Texas on October 18th and have decided to host a photography seminar while I’m there. It’s the first one I’ve offered in a year and a half and I’m limiting it to only 5 people.

The seminar will be from 3-7 PM Saturday, October 18th!

Here is what we will cover:

- shooting in manual MY WAY! My method is very different than what most people do! I teach you a fail proof method to get a great exposure in any lighting condition, even in the middle of the day in the bright sun!

- posing/directing couples, families and children

- watch me photograph a family or a senior (I will poll the group to see which one you want to watch!)

- dinner at a great spot in Lubbock and Q&A time with questions that you bring

- editing the entire session from start to finish with my easy preset!

Additionally I will give you a 30 minute phone/skype mentoring or Q&A time up to two months after the seminar to follow up with anything you are having trouble with!


Here is what a one-on-one seminar attendee wrote after her time with me:

“I’ve been following Lauren Clark’s career since I started my own photography business five years ago. I love the energy in her poses and the vivid color in her photos, and I spent countless hours trying to get a similar look by doing online tutorials, messing around with different in-camera settings, and experimenting with LightRoom. This past summer I happened to be in Kansas City and was thrilled to be able to book a two-hour Brainwash session with her. It was fantastic! I learned more in two hours in person than I had learned in years online. And I put her tips to use at a wedding the very next weekend. I highly recommend a one-on-one session with Lauren Clark. It’s a solid investment in your future as a photographer!” – Lori, a wedding photographer from Wisconsin


To book your spot, you can purchase the seminar in full HERE!




Magen and Tanner

While I was in Lubbock last week I decided to go ahead and reserve a day to photograph my sister and her husband since it had been a year since I had done that! Tanner is the kindest, funnest guy around and all he and my sister do is laugh and kiss.

Laugh and kiss.

I photographed them at their home and then we went out to an empty sticker field (Lubbock doesn’t have much else to offer in the nature sector) before grabbing a snow cone at Bahama Bucks. Tanner and I eat sweets together because Magen is a dietician and only eats natural, gluten free meals all day… every day. He likes when I come to town, we double up on sweets together.




The Barnards

These are my lovely nephews and niece along with all of their “barnyard”, backyard animals. Dandy the Duck, the 4 chickens (I was just introduced to Butterscotch and the one eyed chicken, I can’t remember the other girls’ names!), and Foster the dog. The session was fun, crazy and awesome all at once! Marla, my-sister-in-law, thought that the kids weren’t cooperating with me, but I assured her that I got some INCREDIBLE photos of the kids. It was true! I’m realizing that almost every session seems chaotic to the mom, but I am always able to pull out some really great photos of the kids. Here are my favorites of my seldom photographed family!





Katie and her mom had me come out to their beautiful farm in Edgerton, Missouri Saturday to photograph her senior photos. Katie is fun, bubbly and confident and it really shines through her photos! I had the best time traveling around their farm and seeing all of the different beautiful areas to take pictures, it was a photographer’s dream! Here are my favorites from her senior session!


Luke and the Freemans

It is really crazy that Luke is about to be a senior. It makes me feel old. I need to get used to this feeling though, because next year is the big 3-0 for me and I’m not stuck at 19 anymore like I’ve felt like for the last ten years. I met Luke 9 years ago after I married Josh, these are his cousins! I’ve seen them grow up from kids and it is just really weird that he’s graduating. Really.

They came up from Bartlesville, Oklahoma last weekend for me to photograph their family/Luke’s senior session. We hit up the local Stone Canyon Pizza in Parkville and then drove down to the Westbottoms to finish the session up. I hope your last year in High School is amazing, Luke!



Dallas/Ft. Worth portrait dates announced!

I have had so many inquiries for family, senior, engagement and maternity sessions in Dallas, Texas over the last two months and have just booked my flight!



Here are the details for my trip:

November 14 sessions will be available at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas 

I now have a 9 and 10:30 AM available at Trinity Park

November 15 sessions will be available in Deep Ellum/Downtown Dallas area.

I now have a 1:30PM  session available at Deep Ellum.

November 16 session will be in downtown Forney, Texas 

All sessions are FULL for Forney, Tx

I will book each session 1.5 hours apart and will schedule as a first come, first serve basis as far as time slots go.


Booking Process:

- Choose the day that you are available, the time slot that works well for your schedule and then email me ( my other email is not sending everything through these days).

- Once you email me and I confirm that your time is available then I will send you a $100 non-refundable retainer to purchase and a link to my questionnaire to get to know you better. Once I receive those two things then you are booked and your spot is reserved! I will contact you the week of your session with an exact meeting location.


The sessions will cost $425 (a savings of $75 for my Fall sessions) and will last about 60 minutes. It will include the digital downloads of 75-100 images from the session within 2 weeks, just in time for your Christmas cards to go out!

In the event of bad weather/rain I will refund your deposit!