Tonight my sister and cousin, Jessica, ran to a parking lot in the middle of a busy area to take a few photos of their babies. We had people staring at us while they were working out in the building next door, but in Lubbock, Texas you’ve got to work with what you’ve got… and I found a few flowers and some open space without a dirt field! Myles, Olivia and Sam are all weeks apart and I can’t wait to see them grow up together and be the best of friends.

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I met Jeremy and Robin years ago when I photographed their engagement session. Jeremy called and wanted to buy a session to photograph Pearcy and Robin together since they hardly ever get photos together (Robin is the photographer in the family!). What a sweet gift from Jeremy and I was so happy to get some great photos of them together!


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Through a wild and God ordained series of down to the wire decisions we are now moved into Josh’s sister house in the heart of Lubbock. I moved in with my mom 2 weeks ago without knowing what the plan was for a place to live and two days later ,right before we started to unpack and move into mom’s house, we arranged to move in right when Marla and Justin were moving to Dripping Springs. So we have an awesome house with an awesome backyard and HUGE trees (in Lubbock this is rare!). God blessed us with everything that my heart desired, but I would have been content with a 2 bedroom duplex with a fence! It has charm, space, an adorable remodel, perfect colors, raised beds for a garden and a huge fort with trees for the kids. It was such a lovely turn of events and so wonderful to have our own space. Josh is still on the job hunt in Lubbock and we hope to be settled in completely within the month! I am starting to book Lubbock portrait sessions for the summer and I couldn’t feel more thankful for the move and to be in the same town as my family and old friends.

We turned this cool plate rail into a book/toy shelf and the kids LOVE it! They choose two books to read before bed every night.

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