I am blocking off October 24th for mini sessions for families and Christmas card sessions! Everyone loves to do their family sessions in the Fall and I’m looking ahead to schedule a Saturday before it gets too busy!

Here are the details:

- $275 package includes the session time and high res. digital downloads of the images to print on your own

- time slots will be 30 minutes apart

- sessions will be approximately 20 minutes long

- you will get 2 traditional poses, casual-interaction shots, individuals of each kid and a shot of the parents together

- you will get the digital downloads  to print on your own from the session (15-30 images depending on how many people are in the family)

Morning sessions will be at the Lubbock Arboretum, time slots available are:



10- Phillips Family

10:30- Meadows Family



Afternoon time slots will be at Mackenzie Park, time slots available are:

4- Kristin Jordan






To book a time slot, you can purchase the $100 retainer here: http://www.laurenclarkphotography.com/kart/index.php?p=product&id=14267&parent=9

The retainer will not be refundable if you cancel, so please make sure that you are ready to commit if you want a spot!

Once I receive your retainer I will email you and ask which time slot you prefer and put you down! The remaining balance is due the day of the shoot, turnaround time for the photos will be 2 weeks. If we need to cancel due to weather, your retainer will be refunded if we can’t find another suitable time to reschedule.



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This morning we ate our Cracklin Oatbran in the backyard and I noticed that the Mimosa Tree’s flowers were withering and falling all over my tomato plants. I had been in awe of this strange tree since we moved back to Lubbock and decided to climb up the fence and grab a flower and look it over. These flowers remind me of the trees off of the movie “The Lorax”, and they are absolutely beautiful! So many mornings we just sit in front of Curious George and don’t connect with each other or with God, but this morning was different. The mosquitos weren’t hunting us, the temperature was in the 70s and the kids were running all around and jumping on me in the hammock. I decided to get my 50mm macro lens and just start photographing all of the intricate things about creation in our backyard. It was so refreshing and inspiring! We fail to see the beauty in nature because we are so busy filling our eyes with other things. We lose our fascination and awe of nature and toss it off like it’s some childish habit to outgrow. I never want to stop exploring and learning about God’s creation and see the beauty, structure, systems, chaos and perfect nature of it all. Creation is a reminder to us of the redemption of Christ when He will come back and resurrect those that have died. Trees through the seasons when they die in winter and bloom again in spring and the sun rising and setting- everything is pointing to that promise. The Devil comes into our lives to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to make all things new and to bring life. When we lose loved ones and disease and destruction come into our lives, we should move closer to God knowing that it isn’t Him that is bringing all of the chaos and harm into our lives. He is a GOOD GOD. I have hope in Him.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”- Henry Ward Beecher 

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