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Elliott and Henry

Elliott and Henry are two adorable little boys! Elliott was such a confident 5 year old, he wasn’t afraid of me or my camera and was just so lovely to photograph! His little brother was less interested in the photo shoot, but his genius dad came up with a way to get him to look at the camera and look pleasantly happy for longer than 2 seconds… the iPhone showing a tv show right above me lens! Now that’s a trick I’m going to keep! Genius! We hiked a mile loop around the Parkville Nature center and by the time we all got back to the cars we had had a great shoot and some really good exercise!



Stimac Family

Ashley, Taylor and Ethan met me at the huge and wonderful Shawnee-Mission park last week and the weather was entirely too good to be true. This little fella was so spunky and fun, he reminded me a lot of my son, Solomon. Within minutes he was running away from his parents and coming up to me, he was curious and not afraid of a new face! We hiked around the park and eventually ended up by the beautiful lake for the last shots where I was loving the connection between Ethan and his dad. A father and a son’s love is just so precious and I’m glad to have been apart of their love that night.



The Radcliff family

I met Lindsey a few weeks ago when I volunteered to photograph a few kids for the Missouri Heart Gallery, she was a social worker for a set of siblings that I photographed. I could tell right away that she and I shared the same heart for these kids. I love it when I get to meet the people who are in the front lines of social justice.

We met last night at the beautiful Ironwood’s park in Leawood and it was such a perfect night for photos! The sun was out and it was just warm enough to feel like Spring had arrived. Little Norah was such a doll and the Radcliff’s were such a kind and loving family!




Beth and her family met me in the Crossroad’s district in Kansas City for her senior photos. This family has tons of personality and artistic flare! They are from Peculiar, Missouri which itself is super fun, and we just walked around block after block finding the neatest locations! Thanks Beth and the Crewse Family for hiring me to do your photos!



The Schmidt Family

The Schmidt family drove up from Kansas to meet me in the beautiful area of Weston, Missouri for their daughter’s four month photo shoot. Elise is such a beautiful baby! She has the most gorgeous, glassy blue eyes and such a darling smile. Her parents are just nuts about her and they were just some of the most joyful people I’ve been around in a long time.




Avalon’s mom contacted me a few months ago to photograph Avalon’s senior session in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I guess I have really great SEO for my website when I lived there two years ago, but we lucked out because Avalon lives in the KC area! We decided to meet up and do an urban session in the Westport area downtown and found some really neat places, this town just goes on and on!! I am finally living in the mecca for photo-shoot locations! Avalon was so much fun and I could tell how excited she was about going to OSU this fall. Good luck Avalon! Wave to my old home town for me when you move in!




I’m in the process of adjusting my pricing for the Spring and want to know what YOU are wanting! I am even willing to do a drawing for a FREE session in the KC area for your participation! Please vote and then add your name/email in a comment below the post and you could win a free session with the digital download of images (a $350 value!)!!

What are you interested in buying when you are looking for a photographer?
The cheaper the better, experience doesn’t matter to me
Mini sessions (less than an hour session) with 10-20 images on digital download
Prints, beautiful packaging, I want an experience. Cost isn’t a factor, I just want something awesome!
Full session (1-2 hour session) with all 4×6 proofs
Full session with digital download of all images
Packages with canvases, prints, digital downloads and built in discounts.
Session fee only with no prints or downloads included, I will buy later
Please Specify:

Poll Maker



Beth D. - Definitely mini session with digital download. Having two small children, it would be the perfect amount of time.

Danielle Olson - Love family photos!!! It’s an amazing way to preserve memories.

Ashley Stewart - I voted! Would love a session for my husband and I. Been itching to get back in my wedding dress and take pictures!

Megan Foreman - I chose mini session. My kids grow and change so fast that I wish I could do professional photos every year! A full session is an investment–but one that is well worth it (assuming your kids cooperate for an hour or more:-). Curious about your pricing…I would consider one in the spring/summer and one in the Fall for Christmas cards if affordable enough!

Jennifer Kearney - I love mini sessions with digital downloads!

Caroline - Mini session with image release! Your work is amazing!

Allix Atagi - I would love to do a mini session. With my three young children it’s hard to pay the money for a full session and not know if they will cooperate at all. At least with a shorter session they wouldn’t have to stay focused as long. I haven’t had pictures of my family since before our baby was born and he is 1 now. I’m long over due.

Larissa Budreau - Full session with digital downloads is what I voted on but I also look at cheaper rates when I look for a photographer.

Tina Carson - Full session with digital!

Ronda loveridge - I voted Mini with digital but
Second was full with digital access. Loved your pics of Cheryl’s family. And lived your boys. Good luck with your new area.

Tabitha Halbrook - I just voted (“other” with a detailed response :) ). Great idea to see what people are most interested in!

Brooke - I voted for the mini sessions, but the traditional full sessions will always be needed. I love your pictures and your great use of light :)

Janalin - Full Session + Digital package. Because your pics are like chips… How could you ever eat just one? I want them all! :P

joni c - love to win! we need more LCP pics!

Kate Lane - Minis and full sessions with files plain and simple! :) what about a prepaid group of mini sessions? I’d love to do something like that every 3-6 months because kids grow too fast. Then it’s set and as a family you don’t have to worry about life getting too busy- it’s already a standing date!

Molly Payne - digital prints are the best! crossing my fingers :]

Julie - Your photos are very good. I am looking for a good photographer to take pictutes of my finance and I.

Peyton Baldwin - So excited you are doing a giveaway! I voted although I admit it was hard to choose. It has been so long since my family had a full photo session, but at the same time with little ones the mini sessions are almost perfect without being overwhelming.

Victoria A. - I voted!!

Kortney Levy - I would say mini sessions. I loved our pictures we took back in October with you, however, with little ones anything beyond an hour can get tricky. I think experience is important too but then again I am sure anyone who has worked with you has nothing but good things to say!

Meagan Witkowski - I voted and my fingers are crossed!

Aleaka - I love digital downloads, but it’s hard to decide mini or full due to kids moods & behavior. Less expensive is great bc we like to do them frequently.

Megan Ptacek - Love the full session with digital downloads option

Robin Hawkins - I voted for sessions less than an hour. It’s so hard for my daughter to make it that long even though I love going to multiple places with multiple outfits…that doesn’t make sense for her at this age. Your so awesome…you can nail it in 20 images…no doubt :). Plus, maybe if you do more minis..people will be able to do multiple shoots a year :)

Karyn hatch - I would love another session with you! Would also be interested in mini sessions with option of digital images. Thanks!

Hanna kraybill - I think the experience is very important, but also I think u can do a beatiful package and an awesome prints without charging an arm and a leg. I would pay more for there experience, and then maybe have an al acart option.

Brittany Shankle - Digital downloads! I hate having to just choose a few…i’m too indecisive!

Stefanie Spencer - Love full sessions with digital prints, but depending on the occasion, mini sessions are great too. It would be hard to only choose 10 pictures though! Paying for experience is important, but I still usually look for a little lower rate and love when photogs offer all of the digital negs from a session. It makes me crazy not having every photo – even if I’d never use them all!

We LOVED your work last summer!! A free session would be such a blessing with #3′s arrival in June! Can’t wait to hear!

Skyla Claxton - I voted!

Amandeep kaur - I hope I win jus had a baby would love to do family session!!

Amanda - I like being able to get digital pics in a full session (for an engagement session, newborn session, etc) but I also love the idea of the mini sessions and think they would be fun throughout the year.

Cameron Copeland - I’m always split on mini/full sessions depending on the occasion, but love digital downloads!

Stacy Case - Yeah !

Mary kim Loeffler - Fingers crossed! Would loveto win!!

Lindsey Diffendaffer - We did a mini session with you before and LOVED it. KC isnt all that far :) lindsey//

Carla Smith - Thank you!! :o)

Stephanie Allen - Done

Amber Boardman - I voted for the Full Session with digital downloads, but I also enjoy mini sessions. I most certainly would still use the photographer (you) to order any prints, canvases, etc because you will know what is best. Your work is amazing an I would be very blessed to have you take pictures for me. I hate that I missed you when you lied in Lubbock.

Stephanie - Casted my vote ;)

Kaytie Hardegree - Yay!

Cicely Lacy - Mini Sessions with 10-20 digital prints!

Lyndsey - Would love a free session…you have been my favorite photographer for years…You just live too far away :( But if it was a free session…you better believe we would take a little road trip!!

Belcher Family

I met Cheryl at a women’s church group about 5 weeks ago and we instantly connected. She is hilarious, loud, quirky, humble and completely honest. That’s my kind of friend material! When she told me that she lived in a tiny town, and homeschooled her 5 children and owned over 5 pets I knew this would be a great family to photograph! I met them in their home town of Plattsburg, Missouri and we drove along the outskirts of town, went “downtown” and then found a riverbank for their Dr. Who gas mask photos. They are big fans of the show and had purchased some gas masks from an army surplus store, which of course they had to bring to the session. I just love this family and know that we will be great friends for a long, long time!



Garren Family

Meet the Garren family! These beautiful people contacted me because of my lovely photographer and friend, Rebecca Peters, who is out on maternity leave and needed a session for their daughter’s one year photos. Emily, Ryan and Keira met me at Loose Park, the most beautiful and famous park in the heart of Kansas City last weekend and it was such a warm, beautiful day! Keira is such a beauty, I just can’t get over how blue her eyes are! We toddled around the park and then got to the best part, the cake smash. Kiera sat on the sidewalk and just happily ate that vanilla cake, she probably would have polished it off if her mom didn’t remove her from it! I had so much fun with these people!



melissa pepin - This is probably my favorite baby girl session you’ve ever done. I love this so much!