I am wanting to branch out and start doing in home lifestyle sessions of families and to launch this new idea I am going to have a giveaway for 2 FREE sessions!


What is a lifestyle session?

  • A lifestyle session is different from a portrait session because I come to your home and document your lives as they naturally are. I do arrange a few things and pick locations in the home based on lighting and aesthetic, but in general I capture the spirit of the family instead of just posing you to look pretty in front of a background downtown or at a park.
  • I gather a list of ideas from you of the things that you never want to forget about your children and I use that list as inspiration to photograph your family
  • There isn’t much stress about what to wear or how to pose, it is all very natural and easy!
  • I use various lighting techniques and lenses to create custom art to tell the story of your family.

Who is this type of session for?

  • Parents who want to remember the fleeting moments of their children’s lives
  • Husbands who don’t want to pose for photos in the park, but would rather interact with their kids in their own environment
  • People who value their connection with their children and want to preserve those details forever
  • People who value art and love something completely unique and custom to their own lives

Will you travel?

  • The giveaway is only for the Lubbock area at this time
  • If you would like to find 2 other families in your town to book these sessions on the same day then I may be able to come to your town!

What do you do with these type photos?

  • canvas collages
  • albums
  • mini books
  • prints

What is the price for these lifestyle sessions?

  • $550 for the session and 100-200 downloads to print on your own OR $1250 for the session, 100-200 downloads to print on your own and a 10×10 25 page album of the session- click HERE to view a sample album design
  • I am giving a HUGE $300 discount on either package to the first 6 people to schedule a lifestyle session! Book quickly before those deeply discounted spots are gone!



Here is how to enter the contest:

  • Log onto my website www.laurenclarkphotography.com and click on the “contact” section and write me an email
  • In the email you can tell me the ages of your kids and what you love most about your family and what you want to remember about these precious days with your children (make a long list of specifics- the longer the list, the better! Example: the way my son climbs the tree in the backyard and roars at the birds, the way my daughter sings to her baby dolls, the way that we always eat the same cereal together on Saturday mornings, etc…). I will pick one random winner and also pick one from the funnest list of things you want to remember!
  • The giveaway sessions are only available to Lubbock and surrounding areas at this time!

I will choose the winners on Valentine’s Day!

Here is a slideshow of my latest session based on the things that the family never wants to forget about this time in their lives.

Kimbrough from Lauren Clark on Vimeo.

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These lifestyle sessions are bringing me to LIFE! This is probably my new most inspiring way to shoot! The Kimbrough family allowed me to come into their home and document these precious moments when their daughter will be an only child for a few more weeks. Jalie is and incredibly talented makeup artist and hairstylist and her husband, Kade, has a successful pool business. These two create beautiful spaces and beautiful babies together! Here are a few things that they never want to forget about this time in their lives…


If you are interested in having me come to your home and document the things that you never want to forget about your children and your life, please contact me! info@laurenclarkphotography.com or 405-269-2861. Lifestyle sessions are $550 for the photoshoot and include 200-400 documentary styled images for you to print on your own. I am also offering an album session for $1225 with a 10×10 25 page album of the session and the 200-400 images to print from.

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