I wanted to let you know about my new referral program that I’m starting as a thank you for spreading the word about my photography business. My success is solely based on YOU showing my work to your friends and family and I deeply appreciate it!

Starting TODAY!

For every wedding client that you refer who books with me you can earn the following:

1 client: Dinner date gift card to your favorite restaurant

2 clients: Free portrait session for you or for you to give as a gift to anyone that you like!

3 clients: $500 VISA giftcard!

For every portrait session client that you refer who books with me you can earn the following:

1 client: $25 gift card to your favorite store

2 clients: Free portrait session for you or for you to give as a gift to anyone that you like!

3 clients: 20×24 canvas from your session!

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Yesterday was a really long and wonderful day. I woke up, Josh dropped me off at Enterprise to get a rental car, I drove 4 hours south and then taught a 5 1/2 hour group seminar to 8 wonderful girls in Fayetteville! Tonight I am back at home and have enjoyed looking through the session I photographed at the seminar. Destinee and Zack were such good sports as we ran across the busy streets of downtown Fayetteville and jaywalked at least 8 times, maybe more. You could tell how much fun they have together and how much they adore each other. Here are my favorites from the session. It really made me look forward to shooting more couples this year!

If you are interested in hosting one of my mini group seminars in your area, then please contact me! I just need a place to meet and for you to find 5 other photographers who are willing to sign up and we will get it scheduled!



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It happens every. single. January.

There are not shoots to photograph or weddings left to edit, and by the middle of January I would have already done all of the maintenance and changes on my website and blog, and looked through any inspiration I can find to refresh for the Spring. Then there is nothing but crickets and cold weather for about another month before I start getting calls for spring family sessions and weddings.

I love to be busy with projects and work, and then when I’m slammed with work, I long for a break. My ambivelance is quite a problem with my personality, I have yet to find that perfect balance.  I can tell you though, that in January I’m bored out of my mind. I don’t want to do things like sweep cobwebs out of the basement, but I long for meaningful projects that will make me feel like I’m “gaining ground” somehow. Today was one of those days when I realized how I photograph my own memories as mere casual snapshots and don’t put as much effort into them as I would a client’s memories. Today I tried to capture more than my normal snapshot of my kids.

I was inspired to shoot some real life images of my kids after they woke up from their naps with a lens that I don’t normally use. I chose the 50mm 1.2 lens, it’s been a tad bit soft for a while now, but I wanted to really test it and try shooting at lower apertures and see what happened. I was pleasantly surprised with it’s performance. My aperture ranged from 1.4-2.0 in these images.

Silas was very interested in the camera and probably gave me the best “faces” I’ve seen in a while. Solomon was not so sure, eventually he broke down into tears for some unapparent reason. I think he was scared of the camera, or maybe it was just to close to waking up from his nap.


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