As some of you who follow my Facebook and read my blog have learned, we are moving back to Lubbock, Texas this Spring to be closer to family. We are still on the job hunt for Josh right now, but we will be packing up and moving to Texas the first weekend in May!

I will be available for sessions in Lubbock after that first week. I will only be taking 2 sessions per week to keep my life manageable, so please book ahead of time if you have certain scheduling requirements.

This means that I will only have about 2 weeks to photograph any last minute sessions in Kansas City from April 18-26th will be my only availability for portraits here.

I’m 3 days away from my due date with my son, Samuel, so things are going to get busy really soon for my life! Wish me luck and lots of prayers of grace!

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Saturday was the first beautiful weekend in Kansas City in a long while and Ashley wanted some new casual head shots for her event coordinating business and website! We went down by Union Station and the Crossroads district to find some beautiful light and neat buildings. It was so refreshing to be outside and shooting again!


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I have been looking forward to this day for about 4 months now… when the warm weather would return and my winter depression would vanish… and it did! I felt like happiness just came over me this morning when I saw how warm it would be and that we could be out in the sun and in nature! We packed up and went on a hike to Parkville Nature Sanctuary, a 1 mile loop with a waterfall that is only 5 minutes from our house. The boys ran around and I focused on walking with good posture to get baby Sam to move into the right position after my midwife came last night and told me that he was in the wrong position for an easy home birth. Well it worked, because I feel his back and butt against my abs now instead of his feet and hands! I also decided to ask Josh to take my photo so that I could remember the last few weeks of pregnancy since it may very well be my last baby. I’ve gained my normal 50 pounds and only have a few mismatched pregnancy outfits that still fit, so I’m hoping that I can have him in a week and be done!!!! I hopefully will have a birth photographer at the home birth, so of course you all will get to see and hear all about that experience again. It’s funny how “hippie” I’m seeming, although I really don’t think I’m the typical all natural girl and to even see that I’m about to have my second birth at home… in a birthing pool makes me laugh. Stay tuned for more outdoor adventures and hopefully some green will start popping up in the background soon!



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We received a special shipment of diapers at lunch and the boys couldn’t wait to get into the box and play… and pick boogers… and ask me to take a million photos of different things. We are now in the home stretch of my pregnancy and for sure will have this baby within the next 5 weeks. I’m 37+1 today and our midwife is coming tomorrow for the home visit to get ready for the big day! On other amazing news, tomorrow marks the first day of highs in the 50′s in about a month! I’ve made it through another depressing winter in the Midwest where snow comes in waves and the temps are averaging in the teens and twenties most days. The kids have had lots of sickness and we have just been stuck in the house waiting around for Spring! I can’t wait to get out shooting again and to see some green grass and leaves on the trees!



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