When we decided to move back to Lubbock this January I knew that I would need to find a second shooter for my weddings. Josh and I used to shoot weddings together and once I decided to slow down with weddings as he started his career I photographed them solo for a 5 years.

I knew that adding a second shooter would add so much value for the brides that booked me, but also to my own experience at weddings! It is so much fun now to shoot weddings with a friend and collaborate on new ideas together. I’ve been teaching Secily for a few months and she photographed her first official wedding with me last weekend and did such an awesome job! I wanted to introduce her to you here so that you can see who will be at the weddings with me!




How many children do you have?

I have three children; Kingston who is 6, Scarlette who is 4 and Madeline who is 2.
What would you love to do if you had a day to yourself?
If I had a day to myself it would start out with a cup of coffee, a journal and devotional or inspirational reading. The next thing I’d do is have a hard sweaty workout, hit the spa, go shopping then enjoy an intellectually stimulating dinner with laughter and friends. 
What hobby would you love to learn more about?
Currently apart from photography, I would like to learn more about gardening. I find that my desire to learn something new changes seasonally! 
Who inspires you?
Our magnificent creator; the big skies, open fields, all the details in-between, loving hands holding what is dear to them, captivating eyes, …. the list goes on and on. Various people in my life who conquer the fears that come with vulnerability in order to let their creativity flow. My children and their outlook on life. Looking at my every day can inspire me if I let it. 
Tell us about your life:
After marrying my childhood crush I am a farmers wife and stay at home mom to three little lovelies. We enjoy exploring outside using our imaginations, cooking, making art, reading books, discovering new little creatures in our yard, traveling and meeting new friends! 
What is your favorite thing about weddings?
My favorite thing about weddings is being able to witness two very different people with different stories and different families uniting as a whole to do this thing called life. This is such a monumental day in their lives and I love getting to see all the people that come to support their decision to be together. There are so many precious moments to be captured during this time and I feel honored to be a part of it! 
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